Emergencies increase the risk of transmission of communicable diseases and other health conditions.

Disease outbreaks can be a major cause of morbidity and mortality during emergencies.


Until recently there has been no agreement on common, standardised information tools that can be rapidly deployed to support disease detection and response whenever an emergency occurs.

This can lead to delays in detecting and responding to disease outbreaks, which can result in avoidable cases and deaths.


The ultimate aim of EWARS is to reduce the numbers of cases and deaths that occur during disease outbreaks in emergencies.

This is done through early detection of disease outbreaks and the initiation of timely and effective response efforts.

The Project

EWARS is a simple, lightweight application that can be rapidly configured and deployed to support disease surveillance, alert and response in emergencies.

It is designed with frontline users in mind, and is built to work in difficult and remote operating environments.