Request EWARS in a box and receive DataHub pre-installed on a mini server. Or install DataHub on your own computer (coming May 2017)

Build Forms

  • Rapidly design and deploy forms to collect your data.
  • Control how frequently the forms should be submitted and from which locations.
  • Track completeness and timeliness across locations and users.


Create Locations

  • Take full control of managing your locations. Create reporting sites at health facility or community-level, depending on your needs.
  • Easily update and edit map boundaries to map your data as soon as it is collected.


Invite Users

  • Develop your network of users, by inviting others to sign up and create accounts.
  • Assign users with accounts that match their profile. For example, as a frontline health worker, laboratory technician, or epidemiologist in the Ministry of Health.


Design dashboards and analysis

  • Set up dashboards to graph or map data in real-time as it is received.
  • Design professional bulletins that can be automatically published and shared with a click of a button!


Manage alerts

  • A key role of EWARS is to raise alerts to potential disease outbreaks in order to promote a rapid response.
  • Configure alerts to determine how and when they will be triggered.
  • Control all aspects of alert management, from verification to risk assessment and risk characterisation.


Get Started!

  • You’re all set! The configuration above is designed to be completed within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • You are now ready to immediately collect, receive and analyse your data.